• October 2021 - July 2022 vitruvi UX/UI Designer

    Having worked as the sole UX/UI designer and developer in my previous roles, I highly anticipated the opportunity to work within a highly collaborative team with a strong design culture. When I entered my position, the company was in the midst of a complete website overhaul as part of a rebranding campaign. However, there was a significant gap between the original mockups provided and the functional expectations of the site. I took this opportunity to take a leadership role in the design implementation, preparing the website from limited static mockups to a production-ready live site. Working closely with developer contractors, I ensured functionality expectations were met and that a high design standard was kept - even if it meant working extra hours to ensure the finishing touches were implemented. In that time, I had also created a component library, mirroring those used on site, significantly reducing the time it takes to produce mockups. Collectively, through managing expectations, attention to detail, and forward thinking - a successful website launch was achieved. With the project completed, I turned my attention to user experience. Utilizing metrics gathering tools, myself and other team leads worked closely to identify aspects of the site that were impacted by the updated design. In the following 3 months, optimizations for better site navigation, accessibility, scalability and conversion were implemented - leading to a major growth in sales in June and July 2022.

  • November 2019 - October 2021 dotstudioPRO UX/UI Designer

    Despite having a wealth of experience from applying my professional skills to a multitude of industries, I relished the challenge of being the sole creative for a company within a burgeoning industry, designing experiences at an enterprise scale. It is not uncommon for users to be managing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of video content - an ideal situation for a user experience designer to sink their teeth into. Within this role, I interfaced directly with clients and power users to identify pain points in their workflow, and to test the efficacy of new features and functionality - all designed to scale as the technology and industry matures. While building a strong user experience foundation within the product, I was able to apply my front-end development and graphic design skills - often managing and developing projects through from conception to release.

  • September 2017 - October 2019 Genesis Gaming UX/UI Designer

    Being the only UX/UI specialist within our North American offices, I was heavily relied upon by the Vancouver and Las Vegas teams for any UX consultation or UI production. I worked closely with our Product Owners, our Chief Product Officer, and our Chief Executive Officer to deliver industry-innovating products. As we have a small team within the Vancouver office, I lended aid to developers and artists during our peak crunch times. My biggest accomplishment in this role was concepting and producing the baseline template for our games which is currently in use. Outside of these job duties, I had also facilitated meetings, design sprints and user testing sessions between our offices in Vancouver, Las Vegas and Taipei.

  • October 2016 - August 2017 Agency Media Web Designer + Developer

    While at Agency Media, I honed my skills as a graphic, UI and UX designer as well as a developer. During my employment I was provided the opportunity to grow new strengths in the way of marketing and creative strategy. As for most startups - I had many different roles I had to fill, to much success. This gave me a greater perspective on my career goals as well as a metric for proving my own growth.

  • February 2016 - April 2016 Porchlight Press Intern

    As per my graduation requirements, I was required to find work placement within the industry. During my time at Porchlight, my biggest project was developing a social media strategy for them to utilize to build their business as a commercial printer. I was also tasked with creating promotional materials for them to distribute to their clients.

  • April 2015 - September 2015 Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. Graphic Designer

    This was my first real experience with marketing communication design. The skills I learned here helped to strengthen a sense for working with and meeting the needs of clients. I was also given the opportunity to further my web development and design skills through real projects.

  • June 2013 - September 2013 Front Street Pictures Art Department Assistant

    During my employment for the production of Flowers In The Attic, I was given the tasks to create graphics as well as props for set decoration. A major part of the job was dealing with stiff time restrictions, while making time for pickup and delivery of printed works from printers to set. In my time at Front Street Pictures I had learned a lot about time management, overcoming obstacles with what skills and tools I have at my disposal as well as proper file management for print.