UX/UI Design,
Front-End Development


dotstudioPRO is an enterprise-level content management system for streaming content, centralizing user’s content, and providing the capabilities to distribute to both proprietary and popular streaming services (i.e. Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Roku, etc).

With the CMS in its third year of production, and no design professionals working on the product prior to my employment, I immediately recognized the UX debt. My first commitment was to overhaul the workflow, as the implementation at the time was creating major pain points through complicated and unclear user journeys. I also recognized a lack of scalability in the design, which would create more issues in the future as new features would be built into the platform.


I began my process by performing a UX audit to get a holistic understanding of the CMS platform - documenting current user journeys, workflows, and pitfalls.

After my audit had concluded, I began the process of documenting pain points by interviewing users. Using the data gathered, I began to formally draft user goals, new user journeys, and a multi-phased feature release timeline to facilitate easier project scheduling across teams.


Previously, users were forced to perform multiple journeys in a workflow, creating a lot of redundancy in their everyday tasks. By separating each user goal into its own optimized workflow, users rejoiced in their newfound freedom to manage their content more efficiently, in a way that made sense to them. The overhaul also allowed users to approach content management at any hierarchy level and in any direction - something that is particularly useful to users preparing for content that was not ready for upload.

After my solution to the workflow was implemented, I began to focus on optimizing each step of every journey to ensure our user journeys were consistent with what was documented. I have documented examples of these key UX/UI updates below:

Updated Navigation

Updated Modals

Bulk Editing Functionality