vitruvi Rebrand Site

UX/UI Design,
Front-End Development


At the start of my employment, vitruvi was in the midst of preparing for a rebrand launch. They had initially outsourced the design effort to a firm to create the new branding elements, including the website.

When exploring the design files initially provided to me, I recognized that they lacked the full scope of what would be required to launch the site, as well as the UX considerations and limitations of the platform we would be building upon (Shopify).

In order to facilitate a stress-free launch, I communicated the situation to key stakeholders, and we collectively came to an agreement that we would launch the site as a minimum viable product, with the plan to implement UX improvements immediately after release.


In the process of preparing the site mockups for development, I created an internal team component library mirroring those implemented on the site. The goal was to improve efficiencies in creating future campaign mockups and to centralize all of our digital design assets.

Once mockups were finalized, all functional expectations were communicated to our developer contractors in detail. We maintained regular communication to ensure a high standard in both design and functionality was maintained. I would also regularly apply finishing touches to the front-end.


Through managing expectations, careful attention to detail, and consistent communication with developers, I contributed to a stable and stress-free launch. Staying concurrent with development, I also identified areas for future UX optimizations. With the release of our new site, I immediately began a process of implementing the aforementioned UX updates, as well as monitoring aspects of the site that were significantly impacted by the shift in design.

Working alongside key stakeholders, and informing design efforts using metrics gathering tools, I implemented numerous updates leading up to our Summer Sale - resulting in sales exceeding projected numbers for June and July 2022.



vitruvi Rebrand Site